Bookmark Warrior: Staying Organized Online

Bookmark Warrior is now entirely open-source!

I’m excited today to announce my new project: is an organizational tool; it acts as a central place for you to collect and organize the interesting articles and links that you find Online. Creating an account requires a one-time fee of $3 which allows me to run the site ad-free and keeps the bots at bay.

Think of this service like a bookshelf or a coffee table: add interesting articles and websites as you find them (by going to My Bookmarks > Add) and archive (or delete) them as you finish them. This is the most effective way to use Bookmark Warrior: that’s how it’s designed after all!

Homepage of Bookmark Warrior (Feb. 20, 2020)

This is an exciting opportunity. I envision that the site will have an accompanying Android / iOS app which allows you to instantly(!) upload a link to the site no matter where you are. I also hope to have a similarly easy-to-use extension for Chrome / Firefox developed within a few months; all of this is increase Bookmark Warrior’s seamless integration with your daily routine and, ultimately, improve your effectiveness and organizational capacity with respect to Internet bookmarking.

Currently, however, I am focusing on the improving the service as it is; I am collecting bug reports, considering feedback and implementing features which make the site more resilient and enhancing the user experience.

You can check out my reading list for an example of the site before you commit to creating an account. I look forward to seeing you there!