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Welcome to my homepage; I’m Wesley Coakley, a software engineer at NVIDIA working in Research-Triangle Park in North Carolina.

I use this space to explore the ideas I am passionate about; I enjoy writing a great deal (especially when I am inspired about something)… I hope that you’ll enjoy reading and exploring the content I create here, I’ve invested a good amount of thought into this space; everything here (from the content to the design to the lovingly-written HTML) is deliberate and can be thought of as a reflection of me and my personality, taste, and character.

If you want to know more about me personally you should check out my personal wiki which is a set of loosely-organized hyperlinked pages that all focus on a given topic and document my thoughts and experiences on that word or phrase.

These are all the articles I've published here; although they are considered complete once they're listed publicly, please keep in mind that the contents of these articles may change over time.


Calculating Bitcoin Block Merkle Roots
UDP Firewall Holepunching / NAT Traversal with Golang


Containerized FRR and Cumulus VX in a GNS3 OSPFv2 Topology


About Me

Personal Computing

Installing Gentoo inside Gentoo, Securing your KVM, and PCI Passthrough
Smart Searching with Keywords From the Firefox Address Bar


Bookmark Warrior: Staying Organized Online
Approach, Design, and Implementation of my ECE306 Embedded Systems Project
My Senior Design Project


Daniels Hall should not be named after a supremacist
A Theoretical Vector for Achieving Free Parking on N.C. State's Campus

Web Culture

Eternal September Clock

Web Development

Quirks with the Android Captive Portal
Importance of Semantic HTML Tags