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Welcome to my homepage; I’m Wesley Coakley, a software engineer at NVIDIA working in Research-Triangle Park in North Carolina. I have a number of interests you can read about on my about page. Furthermore, there is an RSS Feed which you may find useful.

I use this space to explore the ideas I am passionate about; I enjoy writing a great deal (especially when I am inspired about something)… I hope that you’ll enjoy reading and exploring the content I create here, I’ve invested a good amount of thought into this space; everything here (from the content to the design to the lovingly-written HTML) is deliberate and can be thought of as a reflection of me and my personality, taste, and character.

These are all the articles I've published here; although they are considered complete once they're listed publicly, please keep in mind that the contents of these articles may change over time.


UDP Firewall Holepunching / NAT Traversal with Golang


About Me

Personal Computing

Installing Gentoo inside Gentoo, Securing your KVM, and PCI Passthrough
Smart Searching with Keywords From the Firefox Address Bar


Bookmark Warrior: Staying Organized Online
Approach, Design, and Implementation of my ECE306 Embedded Systems Project
My Senior Design Project


Daniels Hall should not be named after a supremacist
A Theoretical Vector for Achieving Free Parking on N.C. State's Campus

Web Culture

Eternal September Clock

Web Development

Quirks with the Android Captive Portal
Importance of Semantic HTML Tags