About Me

Hey there, I’m Wesley Coakley and I run wesleycoakley.com. I’m an undergraduate at N.C. State in Computer / Electrical Engineering (dual degree) with a minor in Mathematics. I love to write clever and innovative software (and do so all the time, you can check out out my Github to see my current projects) and have taken 2 internships on both US coasts, as well as having studied at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. My expertise is in the union of hardware and software as an embedded / hardware engineer.


I find it really easy to write about the things I’m passionate about… I’ll often write about things like:

When I’m not writing I like to read; 19th century philosophy and modernist literature are some of my favorite genres.

My Favorite Things

Since this is a personal page I think these get a mention as well… even though these are things I like to do I seldom write about them:

In my day-to-day living I try to focus on things which have a positive impact on my life while minimizing the time I spend doing neutral or unhelpful things; this effort and outlook has shaped my work-ethic and personality for the better (I hope!) and enables me to do the things I love, both at work and at home.